Intuitive Spiritual Guidance

A personal reading (in-person or by phone) gives you the opportunity to receive the wisdom of Divine Guidance as shared by my Spirit Guide. She will begin speaking through me in her unique language, and at the same time I will impart knowledge and messages to you in English. These messages offer insight, support, guidance, and clarity. A blessing, chant, or healing prayer may come through, as well, in my Spirit Guide’s language. Many people report a deep sense of peace, a stronger feeling of connectedness with Spirit, new insights, and the resolution of challenging situations, both during and after their session.

Single one-hour sessions are available for $100.
Four-session packages are available for $340 (15% discount).


“I feel more confident on my path. Everything Hanukah Sheena told me makes sense.”


My client, Sandy, sought guidance because her marriage was dissolving and she felt attracted to a man at work. She couldn’t tell whether she had true feelings for this man or was simply looking for an escape from her marriage. Hanukah Sheena empathized with her sadness, loneliness, and desire for love. She talked to Sandy about how love develops. She told her (I’m paraphrasing): “Trust the longing you feel. Love is like a bud that opens slowly. There’s nothing wrong with it opening slowly. You seek the experience of loving energy, not a particular man or relationship. Open yourself to the love that surrounds you. Stand in that energy. Embrace it and bring it within. Practice loving yourself. Once you experience that energy within, you will trust yourself to make the choices that are before you. “ After the session, Sandy said she was glad that Hanukah Sheena hadn’t given her direct advice about her marriage or this other man. Instead, Hanukah Sheena had given her guidance for living her life. Sandy felt more relaxed. She said she no longer felt pressured to make a decision. She wanted to reflect on what Hanukah Sheena said about loving herself. She said she felt more confident in her ability to decide what she most needed, in part because Hanukah Sheena was available to support her.

+ Healing Touch

Spiritual Guidance + Healing Touch

During this one-hour (in-person) session, you will receive Healing Touch therapy while listening to Hanukah Sheena’s spiritual guidance, as well as higher guidance messages conveyed in English.

Healing Touch is an energy healing therapy in which the practitioners use their hands in a gentle, intentional way to enhance, support, and facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and self-healing. Healing Touch utilizes light or near-body touch to clear, balance, and energize the human energy system, as a method of promoting health and healing for mind, body, and spirit.

As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, I find that combining Healing Touch with Hanukah Sheena’s messages offers many benefits:

During a session, my client lies on a treatment table or sits in a chair while fully clothed. While passing my hands above my client’s body, I assess their energy system. I then proceed to use my hands to clear areas of constriction and to balance the energy system, as needed.

While performing Healing Touch, I invite Hanukah Sheena to speak through me and to share her insights and messages, in order to address any concerns my client has.

Typically, my clients experience deep peace and relaxation during their session, allowing them to release the effects of stress, illness, injury, and trauma. Hanukah Sheena’s voice and messages enhance the experience, often leading to a completely new or deepened sense of spiritual self or Spirit.

Single one-hour sessions are available for $100.
Four-session packages are available for $340 (15% discount).



“As soon as I hear Hanukah Sheena, I go into a deeply relaxed state. My mind shuts off and I’m at peace.”


My client, Jenny came to see me, because she was having trouble sleeping and felt like her stomach was constantly “in knots.” She was under a tremendous amount of stress at work. Jenny said she needed help “clearing her head” and calming down, and she also wanted guidance about her work situation. We agreed that Healing Touch combined with Hanukah Sheena’s guidance would be the most beneficial option for her.

As soon as I began using specific Healing Touch techniques to calm and smooth Jenny’s energy field, her breathing slowed, her eyes closed, and her whole body relaxed. Hanukah Sheena spoke to her while I continued moving my hands over her body.

She told Jenny (I’m paraphrasing), “You are trying to use the power of your mind to solve problems, and that cuts you off from the broader perspective available to you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for guidance and support from the Divine, spirit guides, and other people.” She went on to say that Jenny could trust her instincts about her work situation. “You’re holding on tightly, because you’re afraid of losing control. It’s okay to loosen your grip. You will be supported. You will have a soft landing.” She also told Jenny, “You don’t need to be a superstar! It’s okay to pull back from that and protect yourself. Sit quietly so you can know the truth for yourself. Be gentle with yourself.” Jenny smiled while Hanukah Sheena was talking, and when the session ended, took her time opening her eyes and sitting up.

Jenny later told me that she left her session feeling much more relaxed, hopeful, and supported.

That was much more relaxing than a massage! I like the idea of protecting myself from this stress. Hanukah Sheena gave me permission to pull back, get help, and take care of myself. I needed to hear that. I can start doing that.”


+ Healing Prayer

Spiritual Guidance + Healing Prayer

This one-hour session (in-person or by phone) begins with Hanukah Sheena answering your questions and speaking to your concerns. And then she and I together recite a Healing Prayer for you, that comes from the mystical tradition of Judaism. This prayer offers a universal approach to healing that transcends all religious boundaries, and can be used by people on any spiritual path to activate and experience the healing energy of Source. (A detailed description of the Healing Prayer can be found in This is For Everyone : Universal Principles of Healing Prayer, a book by Douglas Goldhamer and Melinda Stengel)

Single one-hour sessions are available for $100.
Four-session packages are available for $340 (15% discount).

“When Hanukah Sheena is speaking, I experience profound stillness and peace.”


Mary was dealing with major health issues following back surgery. Not only was she continuing to experience intermittent pain, she had not regained her stamina even several months post- surgery. As a result, she was beginning to wonder if she would ever feel better. She came to me hoping to boost her energy and reduce her pain. Mary explained that she also wanted to feel a stronger connection to the Divine within her, since she this connection would help her healing on every level.

At the start of the session, Mary asked Hanukah Sheenah,“What do I need to do to completely heal from my back surgery?” Hanukah Sheenah talked to Mary about the negative beliefs about herself that she carried from childhood which drained her energy and impeded her physical healing. She said (I’m paraphrasing), “You fear looking in the mirror, because you think you’ll see your flaws instead of your beauty. Look and see your beauty, instead. Know that what you were told as a child is not true.” She encouraged Mary to examine old beliefs and notice how her body felt when she thought such things. “Sit with the discomfort without judging your thoughts or yourself. You’ll be okay.” Hanukah Sheenah told Mary she was worthy, unique, and deserving of complete healing, and that she could trust her inner knowing about what steps to take to heal her body. Towards the end, she said, “Treat yourself like a queen, like the divine soul you are.

Mary became tearful and quiet. She said she felt relieved and comforted, and thought she could begin to release her old belief that she was undeserving. She smiled when she talked about being ready to treat herself like a queen. She said that it would take time for her to absorb that she was a divine soul.

After talking with Hanukah Sheenah, Mary was ready to experience the Healing Prayer. I gave her a copy of the Prayer and we recited it together. Then, Mary closed her eyes and relaxed. I began chanting the prayer and directing healing energy and light toward Mary’s body. After about ten minutes, Mary opened her eyes, and she sat quietly before speaking. Then she described the sensation of energy moving around her body during the prayer. She said she felt warmth flowing into her back, and saw bright light behind her eyelids.

“That was a taste of the Divine for me. It was real and powerful. It’s something I want to experience again, and I now know it’s accessible to me.”


Group Healing Sessions

Group Healing Sessions

After receiving practical, how-to instructions for reciting a Healing Prayer arising from the mystical tradition of Judaism, participants have the opportunity (in-person or by phone) to be part of a group healing experience during which individuals can pray for their own or someone else’s healing.

$30 per person for groups of four or more. (Group sessions are usually 90 minutes)

“The Divine was here for each of us, and we were here for each other.”

Jacqui, Steve, Lisa, Laura, Jon, Colleen

On a Sunday afternoon, six people gathered for a group healing session. They had each registered individually and didn’t know each other. Understandably, they seemed a little nervous as we sat across from each other in our healing circle. I gave people the chance to introduce themselves and, if they wished, share why they had come and what they hoped to get from the experience. One woman was receiving treatment for breast cancer, while another shared that she had an unspecified chronic health condition. One participant said he wanted to pray for his wife, who had chronic pain. Another participant had experienced a recent loss and was seeking emotional comfort and connection.

I gave each a copy of the Healing Prayer, and answered some of the questions people usually have about this prayer. (Do I have to believe in God for it to work? Is it selfish to ask God for help? Does it really work?) I explained the way that one views healing prayer will depend upon the way one views God or Divine Spirit. For some people, the healing prayer is a source of direct healing by God. For others, it’s a way of tapping into a source of love or energy that can promote healing. For still others, healing prayer is a way of receiving inspiration, guidance, and support during times of difficulty. I also shared that even though most of us were praying for ourselves or someone close to us, we would also uplift everyone in the circle because of our shared energy and attention.

Once everyone’s questions were answered, we read the Healing Prayer aloud together as a group to familiarize ourselves with the words and rhythm of the prayer. Then I told the group I would begin reciting the Healing Prayer aloud over and over again for about ten to fifteen minutes. I invited them to join me at any point in reciting the prayer aloud, or to recite it silently to themselves, whichever they preferred.

Each time we recited the Healing Prayer, people responded with greater confidence, emotion, and intensity. When our prayer session came to an end, everyone sat quietly for a few minutes, reflecting on their experience. Several people then shared their thoughts and feelings. One woman said, “I felt uplifted when we were all praying together. My fears were gone and I felt happy and hopeful.” Someone else said, “The energy in the room was palpable. We were calling upon the Divine and the Divine responded. I felt connected to all of you and to the Divine.

Before we ended, I told the group that I would be available if anyone had any follow-up questions, or just wanted to talk about their experience over the next week. Our gathering ended with smiles, exchanging emails, and everyone wishing one another well.

+ Life Coaching

Spiritual Guidance + Life Coaching

Once you receive Hanukah Sheena’s insights and messages, you may want life coaching to help you integrate her insights and move forward with making life-transforming changes. Coaching is a partnership between you and your desire for change and growth, and the encouragement, resources, and expertise of a life coach. It allows you to achieve results faster than you would on your own. As a Certified Life Coach (my certification is from the Institute for Life Coach Training), I (and my spirit guide) will assist you in reaching your potential in areas where you feel stymied, in order to experience greater life fulfillment. I offer life coaching sessions in a package of four (in-person or by phone) that include:

  • Interaction with Hanukah Sheena at each session
  • Assistance with:
    • evaluating your level of satisfaction in various areas of your life (health, career, relationships, personal growth, happiness, and enjoyment)
    • discovering your life purpose and designing the life you really want
    • overcoming self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, and counter-productive decisions
    • recognizing your brilliance, inherent strengths, and the resources available to you
  • Tools, structure, resources, ongoing support, and encouragement to:
    • stay on track
    • increase clarity and focus
    • accelerate your progress
    • increase awareness of all the possibilities which exist to create a fulfilling life

Single one-hour sessions are available for $100.
Four-session packages are available for $340 (15% discount).

“You helped me go from wishing things would change to finally taking control and doing a life make-over. I feel so much happier and more confident!”


Julia came to see me because she was dissatisfied with many areas of her life. She was overweight and had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Her house was filled with clutter and she hadn’t made any progress in turning her idea for a tutoring business into a reality.

Through in-person and phone sessions, I led Julia through a multi-step coaching process that began by helping her create a strong foundation of self-care, followed by organizing her life around her priorities, releasing energy drains, embracing her life purpose, altering her attitude, and taking small, consistent steps toward making her tutoring business a reality.

Within two months, Julia was well on her way to making powerful changes in several areas of her life. We examined her self-limiting beliefs and behaviors about making her needs a priority. Then I supported Julia as she tried out new approaches to daily exercising and good nutrition. Once she had healthy routines in place that supported her self-care, she became motivated to clear the clutter in her house. As all the clutter disappeared, she discovered renewed energy to set up an in-home tutoring service. She told me that one of the best things about coaching was the support and encouragement she received to focus on her own needs. “I view you as my partner. You don’t tell me what to do. You help me figure out what’s best for me and help me stay on my path.”

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