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Spiritual Guidance

Sylvia’s services are based on the wisdom of Divine Guidance, as shared by her spirit guide, Hanukkah Sheena. Hanukkah Sheena (whose name mean “Dedication to God’s Grace”) speaks through Sylvia in a unique language, after which Sylvia communicates Hanukkah Sheena’s knowledge and messages to you in English.

Whether you need guidance about the present, or healing and closure about the past, Hanukkah Sheena’s gift allows her to bring greater knowledge and peace to your experiences. Her insights often lead to increased confidence, understanding and hope.

Sylvia is happy to be a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, and she is eager to help you gain a better understanding of your life.


Spiritual Guidance can be received on its own
or in combination with other healing services.

Other Healing Services

Spiritual Guidance + Healing Touch

During this one-hour (in-person) session, you will receive Healing Touch therapy while listening to Hanukah Sheena’s spiritual guidance, as well as higher guidance messages conveyed in English.

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Spiritual Guidance + Healing Prayer

This one-hour session begins with Hanukah Sheena answering your questions and speaking to your concerns. And then she and I together recite a Healing Prayer for you, that comes from the mystical tradition of Judaism.

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Spiritual Guidance + Life Coaching

Once you receive Hanukah Sheena’s insights and messages, you may want life coaching to help you integrate her insights and move forward with making life-transforming changes.

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Who Is Sylvia?

My teaching, coaching, and energy healing skills all play a role in helping me fulfill my mission of supporting people in designing healthy and fulfilling lives. I still listen attentively when people tell me their secrets, because now my greatest satisfaction comes from helping them transform those secret longings and dreams into a new, more fulfilling reality.

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